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Private Lessons with Joseph L

1/week, billed monthly
Piano (ages 7+),   Guitar (ages 7+),   Drums (ages 7+),   Ukulele (ages 7+),   Bass (ages 8+),   Mandolin (ages 8+),   Music Production (ages 12+),   Songwriting (ages 12+)

Joseph L

Joseph is a lifelong student of music, spanning a wide variety of instruments and titles, such as band leader, music producer, songwriter, mixing and mastering audio engineer, and of course, teacher. Joseph received his undergraduate degree at Shenandoah University and masters from Berklee. Joseph has studied and performed in numerous configurations and ensembles on guitar, bass, drums, piano, and many other instruments. Joseph comes from a large family of artists, musicians, directors, writers and dancers, going back two generations. Music is his passion and if it's your passion too, then you're in luck!

Now thru Aug 31st, 2024

Thursday at Fairfield School of Music