1/week, billed monthly

Private Drums Lesson

Mondays weekly at 1:00pm for 30 min. with Fairfield Trumbull School of Music: Kenny O
Now thru Jun 13th, 2022

A Connecticut native, Kenny O. has toured & recorded internationally and domestically with multiple bands since his teens. At home in all American styles and many world musical styles, he enjoys sharing his learned knowledge with all of his students by studying recordings, transcriptions of rhythms, and solos, with an emphasis on improvisation and melodic awareness. Now in his 30s, he resides in the Blackrock area of Bridgeport and performs & records regularly with Hitch & The Giddyup, Alligator, Rudeyna, and many more tristate area groups and international artists, entertaining audiences and demonstrating his acquired skills with joy and passion. 

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